Project Description

Prince Alexis Alexandrovich Obolensky was born in St. Petersburg in 1883, and was educated at the Imperial University of St. Petersburg. He graduated as a commissioned officer in His Majesty’s Own Chevalier-Gardes, and served throughout the First World War as a Captain. He married Princess Lubov Petrovna Troubetskoy in 1909, and had five children before leaving Russia after the revolution. The family moved first to France, and Prince Obolensky arrived in New York in the 1920′s. In 1933, Obolensky helped found the Russian Nobility Association in New York and was our first President. He resigned in 1939 after appearing in the Broadway musical “Leave It To Me!” under the stage name Alexis Bolan. For many years, Obolensky performed as a renowned classical singer, and performed with Dame Nellie Melba.