RNA Ball

The annual Charity Ball of the Russian Nobility Association has been held in New York since 1938, and remains a bright spot on the New York social calendar.

For over eighty years, the RNA has raised funds and awareness in their assistance of members of the Russian diaspora, as well as organizations that support Russian historical and cultural efforts.

The 2022 RNA Ball, originally scheduled for May 6th, has been canceled due to the invasion of Ukraine. In this time of sadness and tragedy, festivities would be inappropriate. We invite you to join us in our efforts to assist families and individuals who have been displaced by war in Ukraine.

The 2023 RNA Ball will take place on Friday, May 5 at the Pierre Hotel.

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Sponsorship and Advertising

For sponsorship and advertising opportunities, contact Olga Miklashewsky, Ball Committee Chair: olgamik@verizon.net


Join us for the RNA Ball at the Pierre Hotel
Friday, May 5, 2023

Ball Chair
Olga Miklashewsky

Ball Co-Chairs
Maria Holodny
Paula Jachno
Nicholas B.A. Nicholson

Executive Secretary
Princess Elizabeth Galitzine

Honorary Chairs
Princess Tatiana V. Galitzine
Veronica Atkins

T.I.&R.H. Archduke & Archduchess Géza von Habsburg-Lothringen
H.R.H. Prince Jean d’Orléans, Comte de Paris
H.R.H. Princess Alexandra of Greece
H.R.H. Prince Michael of Yugoslavia
T.H. Duke & Duchess Huno von Oldenburg
H.S.H. Prince Jerome von Colloredo-Mansfield
H.S.H. the Prince Karel zu Schwarzenberg
H.S.H. Princess Stephanie zu Windisch-Graetz
Count & Countess Nicholas N. Cheremeteff
Prince & Princess André P. Gagarin
Princess Marina Wolkonsky Galesi
Prince Andrei K. Galitzine
Prince Piotr Galitzine
Princess Alexandra Galitzine
Princess Katya Galitzine
Countess Monica Ignatiew
Countess Maria von Kamarovsky
Nicholas and Irina Kotchoubey
Count & Countess Andrei Stenbock-Fermor
Countess Andrei Tolstoy-Miloslavsky
Rajaa and Patricia Chouairi
Catharine Gunn-Walberg

Count Pierre Apraxine
Helena Ashton
Dominique de Benckendorff
Barbara Brookes
Princess Maria Chavchavadze
Countess Kyra Cheremeteff & Thomas William Richardson
Valera Danchenko
Natalia Duncan
Olga Efremkin
Adrian and Natalie Fedorowski
Prince Gregorii Galitzine
Princess Nina Galitzine
Elke Geacintov
Michael Markoff George

Bryan Gere, Khan Djanger, Prince Chingiz
Elizabeth Guest
Thomas C. Hills
Andrei Holodny

Eugene Jablokov
Peter Jachno
Michael Jordan
Irakli and Tatiana Kadaria
Natalya Kasyanova

Virginia Kinzey
Dmitri and Alyssa Konon
Natasha Konon
Natalia Kolodzei
Eric Alexander Kuzmuk
Jacques Leviant
Daniel and Marisa Lewis
Christine M. Loomis
Elizabeth M. Miheyev

Priscilla McOstrich
Thomas Nugent
Prince Sergei Ourusoff

Princess Lucretia Obolensky
Elena Orlukova
Peter and Tatiana Oudolsky
Maria Perekrestov
Duke of Mayola, Raoul Pujol
Olga Pio-Ulsky
Andrew and Helen Pogogeff
Blair Pogue
Catherine Dana Pouschine
Prof. Paul and Irina du Quenoy
Elizabeth Rosen
Dr. Robert Ritch & Riyoichi Saito
Peter and Karen Sareyani
Ludmila Selinsky
Ian Serjantov
Diane M. A. Procofieff de Seversky
Serge Shohov

Princess Anne Sidamon-Eristoff
Christopher Spiro

Vladimir Sushko
Andrei Tiajoloff
Dr. Wellington S. Tichenor
Karen Wadkovsky

Dr. Donald and Marcia Whitaker

Mrs. Robert D. Wickham

Countess Alexander Woronzoff-Dashkoff
Elaine Zerakhto

Young Patron Co-Chairs
Stephanie Jachno
Kira Jordan
Michael Revis

Young Patrons
Anna Bredikhina
Count Alexander Cheremeteff
Count & Countess Nicolas Cheremeteff
Natasha Dashkova
Alexander Djurdjinovic
Anastasia Efremkin
Artem Efremkin
Adrian Fekula
Alexandra Fuiks
Princess Anna Galitzine
Vsevolod Garanin
Anastasia Gouliaeva
Nadejda Grankina
Gregory Guest

Michael and Katherine Gorbenko
Elena Holodny

Andre Jordan

Sergei Khlebnikov
Kateryna Khomenko
Sophia Lycett

Gregory Nedeltscheff

Daniel Oudolsky
John and Alexandra Paschenko

Alexander Pouschine

Anna Pouschine
Kyra Rzhevsky
Serge and Ariel Sarandinaki
Michael and Kriste Sareyani

Constantine Schidlovsky
Anna Schidlovsky

Maxim Schidlovsky

Sophia Tiajoloff
Xenia Tiajoloff

Isaiah Trofimenko
Peter and Katherine Wolkow

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