RNA Library and Archives

The Archives and Collections of the Russian Nobility Association are conserved and presented at the Russian Nobility Association Library and Reading Room at the Russian History Foundation in Jordanville, New York. The reading room is decorated with portraits of the Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna,  handsome landscapes by K.I. Gorbatoff, and prints of military uniforms and coats of arms. The library portion of the collection has been cataloged. It includes rare editions of the Pridvornii Kalendar or Court Calendars, as well as specialized materials on His Majesty’s Life-Guard Cavalry Regiment, and the regional Nobility Unions. The archives contain a collection of memoirs, manuscripts, works on the history of Russian nobility, and correspondence of former members, ultimately to be made available to scholars through digital copies. The valuable genealogical resources are available to scholars and researchers by special request.  To request information about the library and its contents, or to apply for approval to use the resources, please contact the Russian History Foundation using the form below.

Archives and Library Inquiries