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RNA Membership FAQ

Where can I find more information about my noble ancestors?2019-02-09T05:53:44+00:00

If you are of Russian descent, and you believe that your ancestors may have had noble status before the revolution, you will need to ascertain if the male-line ancestor in question was registered with one of the regional Assemblies of the Nobility before 1917.  While there is some information about families that had this status on this site, having the same last name of a family recorded as noble is not sufficient proof., and are helpful places to start for confirmation that your ancestor came from Russia, but further information may be necessary.  If that is the case, we suggest our Genealogical research service.

How do I get a board member’s recommendation?2019-02-09T05:54:32+00:00

In order to join the Russian Nobility Association in America, the recommendation of a board member is required.  We suggest that you come and participate in one of the many events offered throughout the year by the Association in order to meet as many members of the Association as possible once your application has been submitted.

How can I become a member?2019-02-09T05:57:00+00:00

As the mission statement of the Nobility Association in America says, “Voting membership is exclusively reserved to descendants of individuals who were listed in the nobility archives of the former Russian Imperial Senate.” Further to this, Article Three, Section One of the By-Laws of the Russian Nobility Association specifies that “The Association shall consist of Russian emigrants who, before March 15, 1917, belonged to the Russian Gubernatorial Nobility Association, and their descendants and persons who, on the strength of Vol. IX of the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire, before the aforesaid date, had the uncontestable right to be admitted to the Russian Nobility.”

This means that full voting membership is limited to direct male-line descendants of the Russian Nobility ennobled before March 15, 1917.

What are the membership categories?2019-02-09T05:57:50+00:00

Category 1:     Voting Member

As currently identified in the By-Laws as RNA members qualifying for full membership. See the RNA By-Laws Article 3; Section 3.

Category 2:     Associate Member

Descendants via the female line, non-voting. See the RNA By-Laws Article 3; Section 4.

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