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Recording of “Constantinople: The Emigration’s First Stop on the Way to Creating an Independent ‘Russia Abroad'”

Watch the recording of Constantinople: The Emigration’s First Stop on the Way to Creating an Independent “Russia Abroad”. This lecture was originally broadcast live from the Café Rejans in Istanbul. Presented by Dr. Anatol Shmelev and PhD candidate Timur Saitov of SUNY Binghamton, the lecture picks up the story of the First Wave of Russian emigration as they [...]

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Constantinople: The Emigration’s First Stop on the Way to Creating an Independent “Russia Abroad”

One hundred years ago, our ancestors in the First Wave of Russian emigration left Russian territory, fleeing the 1917 Revolution and the Civil War, experiencing loss, deracination and a sense of irrelevance. Yet they never abandoned being Russian, creating an independent, active and free "Russia Abroad" that stayed substantially coherent till the descent into WW2. We are restarting our lectures [...]

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RNA Young Patrons Cocktail Party

On April 24th, 2023 the Russian Nobility Association's Young Patrons Committee hosted a cocktail party at Gallery23 in Chelsea for all their 20 and 30 something friends planning on attending the annual ball. A fabulous time was had by all. It was an evening of modern art, reverie, catching up with old friends, and meeting new ones. The Young Patrons [...]

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RNA Ball Tickets Now Available for Purchase

Tickets for the 2023 Russian Nobility Ball are now available for purchase online. This year's ball will take place on Friday, May 5 at the Pierre Hotel. Purchase Tickets The annual Charity Ball of the Russian Nobility Association has been held in New York since 1938, and remains a bright spot on the New York social calendar. For over [...]

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Statement on the War in Ukraine

The Russian Nobility Association in America continues to unequivocally condemn the unjustified military invasion of Ukraine by the government of the Russian Federation. We also reject all inaccurate historical arguments the Putin regime made to support their actions that are contrary to international law, long adhered-to agreements and standards of universal human values. We live in emigration because of a [...]

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In Memoriam: Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral

The Board of the Russian Nobility Association in America is profoundly saddened by news of the passing of the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, Metropolitan Hilarion (Kapral), who reposed in the Lord on Monday, May 16th, 2022 after a lengthy illness. Metropolitan Hilarion was a wise and gentle man who had a tremendous spiritual impact [...]

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