Watch the recording of ” “100 Years of the Great Exodus: The White Russian Emigration and Its Meaning Today,” featuring Drs. Anatol Shmelev and Valentina B. Izmirlieva, and the subsequent panel discussion with Sophia Kishkovsky, Nicholas Sluchevsky, and Peter Basilevsky.

DISCLAIMER: Viewers may find some images offensive. They are presented exclusively as illustrations from the period and neither the presenters, nor the discussants nor the RNA condone any use of these images to discriminate against or display any group in a negative light. All historic materials display the customs, prejudices and stereotypes of the period, but in the interest of preserving authenticity, those images are being presented to illustrate history without editing it.  This is the case particularly with one of the caricatures shown in the presentation – the one depicting distracting the Senegalese soldier. The image is blatantly racist and should have been identified as such. The point was merely to illustrate the passage in the text about Russians tearing down the French orders posted about town.