West Point, NY Russian Cadet Exchange Visit Initiated

Dr. Cyril E Geacintov, President of the Russian Nobility Association in America, was invited in April to give a speech on the benefits of foreign languages at the Language Fraternity “Phi Sigma Iota” at the West Point U.S. Military Academy.In a conversation with the Language Department officers, it was mentioned that in spite of several invitations, the usual courtesy military cadet exchange programs never materialized in an exchange between Russian cadets and the U.S. West Point institution.Dr. Geacintov suggested, in view of his extensive business activities in the Russian Federation as well as being the President of the Russian Nobility Association in America, he will try to inquire why such a program, which would be beneficial to both sides, could not be arranged.

Contacting the Russian Military Attache to the United Nations at a social reception (pictured below), he learned that a cadet exchange would be desirable also from the Russian point of view if it could be established.


Lo and behold, the contact was established between the U.S. Military Academy Language Department and the corresponding Military Academy in the Russian Federation. During President Obama’s visit to Moscow in July, the agreement of staging a cadet exchange program was officially announced.

On November 4th the first Russian military cadet delegation, headed by two Colonels and also including four cadets, arrived at West Point for a first look-see.

During the dinner at the honor of the visiting delegation, arranged by Colonel McPeak, both sides had an opportunity to introduce themselves to each other, and the U.S. side is now scheduled to visit Moscow, Russia still in November to formalize the selection of the cadets and officers who will be attending West Point and the corresponding Russian Military Academies.


Thus the first step to a better understanding between the future leaders of the respective U.S. and Russian Armies has been implemented.

Hopefully it will lead to a better understanding in the direct line of communication between future officers who may find themselves in the need to cooperate quickly with each other.

Annual Spring Ball -- 2018


2018 Mar 01