Dr.von Habsburg & Dr. GeacintovDr. Géza von Habsburg and Dr. Cyril E. Geacintov at the RNA Lecture at the Kozsciusko Foundation

On October 22, 2013, the Russian Nobility Association’s Prince Alexis Scherbatow Lecture was presented at the Koszciusko Foundation, by Dr. Géza von Habsburg.

Von Habsburg’s lecture focused primarily on works specially commissioned for the Imperial Family during the reigns of Alexander III and Nicholas II, including several of the famous Imperial Eggs.  The lecture, however, also touched on personal stories relating to the last Imperial family and their love of art and the works of the Imperial Jeweler Karl Fabergé.

Geza von Habsburg is an internationally renowned expert on Fabergé and has curated and published extensively on this subject.  With a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Fribourg, Dr. von Habsburg has published 14 books, acts as an expert at international art fairs (including TEFAF), and lectures worldwide at museums and universities. Fluent in seven languages, he spent much of his career in Europe as Chairman of Christie’s Europe and as Chairman of Habsburg Fine Art International Auctioneers and was recently appointed as the guest curator of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ exhibit “Faberge Revealed” (2011) which, for the first time, presented the museum’s impressive Faberge collection in its entirety.  Archduke Geza von Habsburg-Lotheringen is also the great great grandson of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and grandson of King Fredrick Augustus II of Saxony and has been featured in various documentaries about his family’s history.

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