It is our pleasure to announce that the First Russian Nobility Ball in Texas, on the 10th of November, 2006, preceded by the Pre-Ball Reception (on the 9th of November, 2006) at Mr. L. Hokanson and Mr. M. Siller’s Russian House in Houston(http://www.artsstudio.com/reproductions/new_archdesign-dec2001.htm), were complete and astounding SUCCESSES!!!

As many of you know, for more than 20 years, the Russian Nobility Association in America celebrates the Annual Spring Ball in New York. The Spring Ball is the primary fund raising event to support our assistance programs to orphanages, hospitals, youth groups, and the elderly in Russia and around the world.

This year we’ve decided to extend our reach to generous people of the State of Texas. We are pleased to announce that on November 10, 2006 we have hosted The First Houston Russian Nobility Ball at The Houstonian hotel, Houston, TX. We hope that this inaugural Ball will become a local tradition that will continue for years to come.




The CD’s of the images from the Ball are now available from DWC Photography (http://www.dwcphotography.com/). There were almost 450 images taken, and they have been burned onto 3 discs. The photographer believes that he has at least one picture of everyone in attendance (unless they were hiding from him!)… In order to obtain them, please send him a check or cash, $20 (to D.W.Clements/DWC Photography, 34 Carmel court, Montgomery, Texas 77356), and he will immediately put a set of discs in the mail to you. Obviously a complete name & mailing address is needed. If anyone interested would prefer, as an alternative, to make a $40 (or more) donation to MD Anderson Cancer Center then he will be happy to send a free set of the CD’s. In that instance the check should be made payable to “Russian Nobility Association in America” (with Memo: “for MDA”) and forwarded to DWC Photography along with mailing address for the CD’s. THe funds will then be forwarded to MDA.

All proceeds from this event will be given to the greatest Cancer Institute in the world – the MD Anderson Cancer Center, to support a new program that provides treatment of disadvantaged children with cancer from Russia and other countries, especially those who are categorized as untreatable in their country.

We have always been grateful for your support and commitment to our causes, and we hope that you will not forget the thousands of orphans and disadvantaged and uninsured children whose parents are unable to pay for their transportation and therapy.

We hope that next year you will participate in The Second Houston Russian Nobility Ball as well as encourage your friends to join us at this magnificent gala event. This year it was a fun, music, and show-filled evening, and we look forward to seeing you at The Second Houston Russian Nobility Ball in November of 2007.

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