If you are interested in joining the Russian Nobility Association, please look at the following categories listed below in order to determine which category of membership applies to you.  You are welcome to download the attached application forms at the bottom of this page, to fill them out with the required information and to attach your proofs, and to mail them along with the appropriate fees for processing to the following address:

Ms. Roberta Maged
The Russian Nobility Association in America
℅ DRG International, Inc.
841 Mountain Avenue,
Springfield, NJ 07081, U.S.A.

Please note that incomplete applications will be rejected.  Do not send original documents.  The RNA is not responsible for the loss of or the return of documentation sent to them as part of the application process.  Please also note that the application fees are non-refundable. The RNA will not accept electronic applications. If you have questions, please email rna@russiannobility.org.

Membership Categories

Category 1:     Voting Member

As currently identified in the By-Laws as RNA members qualifying for full membership. See the RNA By-Laws Article 3; Section 3.

Category 2:     Associate Member

Descendants via the female line, non-voting. See the RNA By-Laws Article 3; Section 4.

Category 3:     Lineage Affiliate

This category is available to descendants of Nobility through the maternal line beyond the one-generation limits of the Associate Membership category. See the RNA By-Laws Article 3; Section 5.

Category 4:     Colleague

This designation will replace the “Friend” category and will include those people who do not qualify for categories 1-3, but through their behavior and supportive activities of the RNA, need to be recognized and appreciated. See the RNA By- Laws Article 3; Section 6.

From the By-Laws of the Russian Nobility Association:


Section 1.     The Association shall consist of Russian emigrants who, before March 15, 1917, belonged to the Russian Gubernatorial Nobility Association, and their descendants and persons who, on the strength of Vol. IX of the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire, before the aforesaid date, had the uncontestable right to be admitted to the Russian Nobility.

Section 2.     The members of the Association shall consist of four (4) classes: (a) Voting members; (b) Associate members; (c) Lineage Affiliates; and (d) Colleagues.

Section 3.     Voting members of the Association shall consist of persons fitting the description contained in Section 1 of this Article 3 of the present By-Laws, of both sexes, who have attained the age of eighteen (18) and are current in dues payments and otherwise in good stating with the Association.

Section 4.     Associate members shall consist of those persons who have attained the age of eighteen (18) and whose mother would be eligible for Voting membership in the Association. Associate members are not entitled to vote. (Note: This means that “as long as the father is not noble”.)

Section 5.     Lineage Affiliates shall consist of those persons who have attained the age of eighteen (18) and who would be eligible for Associate membership beyond the one-generation limit. Lineage Affiliates will not be entitled to vote. (Note: if you can only follow your Nobility through the mother’s line)

Section 6.     Colleagues will consist of those individuals who through their efforts and activities support the ideals of the organization, are related to other members, or who otherwise support the Association. Colleagues will not be entitled to vote.

Section 7.     (a) Every Voting member in good standing of the Association shall be entitled to cast a vote in all balloting at any General Corporate Meeting or Special Corporate Meeting.

(b) Any Voting member of the Association unable to attend a General Corporate Meeting shall have the right to delegate, in writing, their vote to another member. No member shall be allowed to cast more than three votes by proxy, over and above their own vote.

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