Forever Russian: Memoirs of a Vagabond Prince

The book “Forever Russian: Memoirs of a Vagabond Prince,” written by Georges Yurievich Obolensky, is an interesting memoir of a member of the very prominent Russian noble family– Obolensky. This book recently became available from the author’s widow, Mrs. Rhoda Obolensky.

Prince Obolensky traces his roots back to the Varangian chieftan, Rurik, who founded the Rurik Dynasty, which ruled in Russia from 682 until the 16th century and bestowed the title of “Prince” to the family.

As with many Russian émigrés, Prince Obolensky grew up in France and emigrated to the United States. His memoirs retell his story and that of his close relatives who escaped from the Communist take-over of Russia. It is easy to read and interesting to not only those of Russian descent but also to anyone interested in history.


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The Moscow Museum of the Russian Imperial Dynasty

The Museum was recently founded by private inpiduals in Moscow to provide a true historical background on the Romanovs dynasty in Russia. The Museum is privately funded and aims to inform the younger generation of Muscovites and other visitors of the history of the Monarchy without the many distortions which were disseminated under the Soviet regime. Dr.Cyril E. Geacintov, President of the Russian Nobility Association in America visited the Moscow Museum of the Russian Imperial Dynasty in October 2003.

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Transatlantic Partners Against AIDS (TPAA) is an independent, non-governmental organization that leverages the political, civic, scientific, and economic resources of North American, European, and Eurasian partners to combat the rapid and devastating spread of HIV/AIDS in Russia, Ukraine and neighboring countries.

HIV/AIDS is growing faster in Russia than in almost any other country. As many as 1.4 million Russians are living with HIV/AIDS today, including over 10,000 children

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