See below, letters from the Scientific Expedition to Account for the Romanov Children on their progress, which is thanks to our donation.


Who Receives Our Support?

The collapse of Communism has brought economic crisis and severe hardship to Russia. In response to the rising tide of suffering in Russia today, the Association has devoted its fundraising efforts to philanthropic causes which assist children, since they are most severely affected by Russia’s social and economic upheavals. The proceeds from our Annual Spring Ball are directed to the following organizations:

With the help of an anonymous donor, the RNA was able to provide rehabilitation and sensory training equipment for handicapped children at the St. Petersburg State Healthcare Institution Specialized Orphanage #4 for children with psycho/neurological disorders.

A few photographs of the children who benefited from this generous donation are shown hereby. The equipment was installed by the Russian Engineers of DRG Biomed.


The Russian Nobility Association gratefully thanks the anonymous donor for kindness and support of our charitable functions.



The Most Recent Letter of Thanks from the Specialized Orphanage #4:


At the St. Dimitry Orphanage in Moscow, our contributions over the past years have helped to improve living conditions for the children.

Fortuna Center of Rehabilitation in St.Petersburg, with our support, provides care and support for handicapped children.

Our friends at Moscow Memorial Museum of Russian Imperial Dynasty aim to inform the younger generation of Muscovites and other visitors of the true history of the Monarchy without the many distortions propagated under the Soviet regime.


The St. George Pathfinders is another Russian heritage organization in the USA which uses our help in their summer scouting programs that instruct children in Russian culture and historical traditions.

The Holy Trinity Monastery Library (Jordanville, NY) applies our support towards maintenance and expansion of the library stock and facilities, for the archival preservation of historical documents, books and religious works of Russia.

In the Republic of Georgia, a young Georgian Orthodox nun, Mother Mariam, receives our support through American Friends of Georgia, Inc., to feed and clothe children who have fled impoverished orphanages or whose parents have perished during civil unrest.


The Russian Gift of Life helps children with congenital heart disease. Our contributions help this organization to send children to the United States for life-saving open-heart surgery.


The Charitable Public Organization “Thanks You, Mother” is providing medical treatment, hospitals and medicine to elderly people in St.Petersburg. The RNA grants help supporting numerous veterans and aged noblemen in need. Here is the latest report on their activities: Euro 3,000 spent to help 48 people get medical treatment.


All proceeds from our Houston Ball go to the greatest Cancer Institute in the world – the MD Anderson Cancer Center, to support a new program that provides treatment of disadvantaged children with cancer from Russia and other countries, especially those who are categorized as untreatable in their country.

In December of 1998, Human Rights Watch published a report entitled Abandoned to the State: Cruelty and Neglect in Russian Orphanages. This report documents a breathtaking rise in abandoned children in Russia and, in particular, describes the unimaginable suffering of orphans diagnosed with mental or physical disabilities. The association has allocated funds to help disabled orphans in Russia.

The RNA welcomes tax-deductible contributions from those who would like to continue assisting children with disabilities to better prepare them for day-to-day living. Please e-mail us at for more information.

Our Support To the Moscow Museum of the Russian Imperial Dynasty

The Russian Nobility Association in America provides support to legitimate causes in Russia and around the world as fund become available through donations, collections and funds raised during various charitable events.

As part of our charter to support and provide assistance to historical societies related to the Russian Monarchy and prior to 1917 Empire, the RNA provides assistance to the Moscow Museum of the Russian Imperial Dynasty.

This Museum privately operated and maintained in Moscow and has over the past few years accumulated a number of items of historical significance.

After many years of communist rule, the thirst to learn about the past of the Russian people and its rulers can only be quenched in part by such modest exhibitions and collections, published information as well as examples of documents, pictures and related items available through private organizations like the Museum of the Russian Imperial Dynasty in Moscow.

This Museum is concentrated on the history of the Romanov Dynasty and its relationship to Oldenburg Family which, since the marriage of Peter the Great’s daughter to Oldenburg Danish-German Royal Family member, is documented at the Museum.

The staff of the Museum regularly hosts high-school and middle-school children as well as general public to inform and educate the visitors about the history of the Romanov Dynasty until the revolution in 1917.

The Russian Nobility Association in America is proud to donate funds for the Moscow Museum of the Russian Imperial Dynasty to continue its operation and important historical and educational activities.

Dr. Cyril E. Geacintov, President of the Russian Nobility Association in America visited the Moscow Museum of the Russian Imperial Dynasty in October 2003. The Museum Director, Mr Kisselew is shown in the center accompanied also on the left by Prof. Nicholas Geacintov, Chairman of the New York University Chemistry Department and brother of Dr. Cyril Geacintov.


Annual Spring Ball -- 2018


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