The Russian Nobility Association in America unequivocally condemns the unjustified military invasion of Ukraine by the government of the Russian Federation.  We also reject all inaccurate historical arguments the Putin regime made to support their actions that are contrary to international law, long adhered-to agreements and standards of universal human values.

We live in emigration because of a World War, Revolution and Civil War, and our entire existence here has been defined by our opposition to the Soviet State.  While our organization does not engage in politics, we have never been silent about fundamental questions of truth, decency and basic human values.  When the new government of Russia misrepresents history and invents facts to justify the conquest of an independent non-threatening neighboring country, using the same symbols we respectfully carried with us into emigration, we cannot stay silent.  Silence translates into acquiescence.  This is not the Russia we stayed faithful to for over 100 years.

We have already started to assist Ukrainian refugees escaping from the war.  We will expand our aid as we identify additional reliable and direct conduits of support, and we invite our members and friends to join us in these important efforts.

If you wish to support the Association’s efforts to assist families and individuals who have been displaced due to the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine, you may donate by clicking the button below.


Furthermore, as a result of the current situation, we have decided to cancel our Annual Ball that was scheduled for May 6th. In this time of sadness and tragedy, festivities would be inappropriate. Again, we continue to respond to the urgent refugee crisis and urge our friends to join us in our efforts.